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  • Defense Resources Management Institute Participant Handbook 

    Defense Resource Management Institute (Naval Postgraduate School (U.S.), 2015-05-06);
  • Efficient probability sequences 

    Regnier, Eva (Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School., 2014-08-18);
    A probability sequence is an ordered set of probability forecasts for the same event. Although single-period probabilistic forecasts and methods for evaluating them have been extensively analyzed, we are not aware of any ...
  • Reducing Risks in Wartime Through Capital-Labor Substitution: Evidence from World War II 

    Rohlfs, Chris; Sullivan, Ryan; Kniesner, Thomas J. (Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School., 2015-08);
    Our research uses data from multiple archival sources to examine substitution among armored (tank-intensive), infantry (troop-intensive), and airborne (also troop-intensive) military units, as well as mid-war reorganizations ...
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