This collection includes publicly releaseable NPS Theses, Dissertations, MBA Professional Reports, Joint Applied Projects, Systems Engineering Project Reports and other NPS degree-earning written works.

These documents and related supplementary materials are presented together as received, in individual records.

A note about the quality of scanned documents: Please note that the older publications were scanned for the best possible quality, but readers should keep in mind that the paper originals for earlier documents (usually pre-2001 or so) were produced using sheer paper, typewriter ribbon ink and in some cases, are from carbon paper copies. Optical character recognition software does not always deal with these source materials without error, especially for colored pencil diagrams and hand-lettering. These documents are presented as accurately as the source originals permit. In many cases, users can find a link to the original photo-quality jp2 files generated by Internet Archive before the .pdf version was created, for comparison.

Documents from 2001+ are presented as provided by the authors, in .pdf format.These documents are approved for publication by signature via the NPS Thesis Release form on file with the Thesis office.

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  • Surface Signatures of Submerged Bodies Propagating in Stratified Fluids 

    Newman, Thomas P. (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2014-12);
    A possible means of submersible detection is through the presence of surface signatures generated by a submerged body propagating in a stratified fluid. Direct numerical simulations (DNS) of perturbations generated by a ...
  • Establishing Planning-Programming Budgeting Systems in two non-Defense Departments 

    Juncker, Carl Frederick (School of Government and Business Administration, George Washington University, 1968-04-28);
    Budgeting in the United States Federal Government has evolved from a basic theory which centered on safeguarding appropriations against careless and malefficient administration to one which makes the budget a planning and ...
  • Airfield Maintenance & Repair: A Decision-Maker's Guide 

    Hawn, Erik J. (University of Washington, 2003-06-07);
    Pavement is simple enough: groom some dirt, put down a layer or two of concrete or asphalt and open for traffic. The deceptive simplicity of airfield pavement is filled with a plethora of latent complexities - challenges ...
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