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Recent Submissions

  • Satellite motion around an oblate planet: a perturbation solution for all orbital parameters 

    Danielson, D.A.; Latta, G.E.; Sagovac, C.P.; Krambeck, S.D.; J.R. Snider (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 1993-05-06); NPS-MA-93-O18
    The search for a universal solution of the equations of motion for a satellite orbiting an oblate planet is a subject that has merited gre.at interest because of its theoretical and practical implications. Here, a complete ...
  • Effects of Fluid-Structure Interaction on Dynamic Responses of Composite Structures: Experimental and Numerical Studies 

    Kwon, Young W. (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2013-08-01); NPS-MAE-13-002
    The technical objectives of the study were to understand and predict the effects of fluid-structure interaction on the dynamic responses and failures of polymer composite structures used for naval applications. More ...
  • Oscillations of a multi-string pendulum 

    Dendis, A.; Papoulias, F.A. (Naval Postgraduate School, 2007-09-14); NPS-MAE-07-002
    The mathematical pendulum is one of the most widely studied problems in engineering physics. This is, however, primarily limited to the classical pendulum with a single bar and mass configuration. Extensions to this ...
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