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Recent Submissions

  • Assessment of Navy contract management processes 

    Rendon, Rene G. (2016-02-22); NPS-CM-16-015
    This research builds upon the emerging body of knowledge on contract management workforce competence and organizational process capability. In 2003, the Contract Management Maturity Model (CMMM) was first developed for the ...
  • An analysis of TRL-based cost and schedule models 

    Kenley, C. Robert; El-Khoury, Bernard (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2012-04-30); NPS-AM-12-C9P21R02-086
    The GAO’s, NASA’s, and the DoD’s adoption of the technology readiness level (TRL) scale to improve technology management has led to the emergence of many TRL-based models that are used to monitor technology maturation, ...
  • Network forensics lessons for industrial control systems 

    Nguyen, Thuy D. (2016-12); NPS-CS-16-004
    Network security monitoring is an important element in incident response and forensics investigation. Most forensic investigators are trained to recognize abusive network behavior in conventional information systems, but ...
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