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Recent Submissions

  • Foreign Military Sales: A Financial Analysis and Assessment of the Administrative Surcharge Rate 

    Fix, Matthew P.; Tyabji, Abizer H. (2011-05-16); NPS-FM-11-015
    This study addresses a request by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) to assess the foreign military sales (FMS) administrative surcharge rate and identify relevant cost drivers. The DSCA operates on a no-profit, ...
  • Budget Scoring: An Impediment to Alternative Financing 

    Donald Summers; Joseph San Miguel (2007-09-01); NPS-FM-07-101
    This research investigates procurement scoring and the Department of Defense''s (DoD) use of alternative financing methods, such as leases and public-private ventures. One of the major impediments to using alternative ...
  • A Transactions Cost Economics (TCE) Approach to Optimal Contract Type 

    Raymond Franck; Francois Melese; John Dillard (2006-04-01); NPS-FM-06-074
    This study examines defense acquisition through the new lens of Transaction Cost Economics (TCE). TCE is an emergent field in economics that has multiple applications to defense acquisition practices. TCE''s original focus ...
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