NPS Centers offer research and education programs in highly-focused areas of study. Often led by teams of interdisciplinary faculty members, the university's Centers explore a variety of academic disciplines, ranging from civil-military relations to spacecraft research and design.

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  • Space, cyberspace and strategic stability: toward a common framework for understanding 

    A critical component of strategic thinking is the study of how new capabilities and concepts are disseminated in a multi- or bilateral strategic relationship. The United States is a consistent leader in developing and ...
  • Two 2005 Graduates Promoted 

    CHDS Staff (2010-04-21);
    Two members of the 0401/0402 cohort have received promotions during the first quarter of 2010. Jeff Burkett was promoted in February to Colonel with the Air National Guard (ANG) while Michael Grossman in March was named ...
  • Music and tech giants agree: Failure critical to success 

    CHDS Staff (2010-04-10);
    Just ask record company executive Al Teller and technology entrepreneur Robi Sen. The two addressed Center for Homeland Defense and Security master’s degree students in the Special Topics in Homeland Security course March ...
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