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  • Research on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles at the Naval Postgraduate School 

    Healey, A.J.; McGhee, R.B.; Cristi, R.; Papoulias, F.A.; Kwak, S.H.; Kanayama, Y.; Lee, Y.; Shukla, S.; Zak, A. (1992);
    This article describes the past accomplishments, present status, and future areas of concern for research at NPS in mission planning, mission execution, and post mission data analysis to meet the needs of future Naval ...
  • Vision-based tracking and motion estimation for moving targets using unmanned air vehicles 

    Dobrokhodov, Vladimir N.; Kaminer, Isaac I.; Jones, Kevin D.; Ghabcheloo, Reza (AIAA, 2008-07);
    This paper addresses the development of a vision-based target tracking system for a small unmanned air vehicle. The algorithm performs autonomous tracking of a moving target, while simultaneously estimating geographic ...
  • Life preserver locator system 

    Legg, Jeffrey D. (The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Washington, DC (US), 2017-05-23);
    A life preserver locator system for assisting in locating and rescuing persons located in body of water. The life preserver locator system includes a water permeable envelope attachable to a life preserving aid and ...
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