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    Ladder of Inference
    (2004-03-02) CED3; Sekerka, Leslie
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    Lets Get Connected
    (2006-11-14) CED3; Rodgers, Ali; Beardslee, Dianna; Barreto, Albert
    Interactive presentation to topics of networking and topologies.
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    Media Capacities
    (2003-09-19) CED3; Koh, Ernest; Barrios-Choplin, Bob
    This interactive tutorial helps learners apply the principle of media capacities to a continuum, and address questions regarding the effective use of media capacities. The interactions involve using drag-and-drop to rank media from those that have the highest to the lowest symbolic carrying capacity, and responding to some reflective questions.
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    Developing Models in MATLAB
    (2005-04-08) CED3; Koh, Ernest; Yakimenko, Oleg
    This interactive tutorial reviews how to create, connect, and convert models in MATLAB, and how to access model data. Simple interactions involve clicking and "mouse over" to reveal further information.
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    Virtual Oceanographic Cruise
    (2003-12-04) CED3; Koh, Ernest; Bateen, Mary
    In this interactive virtual oceanographic cruise, students will be introduced to: Physical oceanographic instrumentation such as the PDR and CTD sensor, Data collection procedures used on oceanographic ships, Different plots of ocean data, Examples of analysis tools used to identify the structure of cruise dataThe interactions involve observing the data information presented and some quiz questions.
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    Simulation Elements
    (2006-11-30) CED3; Beardslee, Dianna; Monkman, Susan
    This interactive media element will guide you through the process of reading a problem description and picking out the information in that description that is needed to construct a simulation. The purpose is to show you how to distill problem information into the elements needed to build a basic simulation model.
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    (2005-12-28) CED3; Ernest, Koh; Jernagan, Evan; Bush, Stan
    This animated tutorial shows a step-by-step explanation of how data is normalized as part of the database design process. It illustrates how information in tabular form is converted to First Normal Form.
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    Focal Plane
    (2005-12-29) CED3; Koh, Ernest; Olsen, Chris
    The animation illustrates the and quot;Time Domain Integration and quot; (TDI) for airborne and satellite imaging systems.
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    Labor Supply
    (2007-05-11) CED3; Beardslee, Dianna; Pema, Elda
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    Magnetic Forces on Moving Charges
    (2003-11-25) CED3; Koh, Ernest; Stevens, Mark
    This interactive tutorial provides the practice to reinforce the concept of magnetic force of moving charges. The key concepts covered include: The direction of the resultant magnetic force is always perpendicular to the plane defined by the velocity vector of the charge and the magnetic field vector., The direction of motion of the charge is also influenced by the sign/polarity of the charge., If the velocity and magnetic force vectors are parallel (or anti-parallel), there is no magnetic force.The interactions in this tutorial involve the selection of a charge and the correct magnetic force vector given the velocity and magnetic field vectors.