Warfare Innovation Workshop, "Unmanned Maritime System Life Cycle Costs" (archived)

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Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School
The Warfare Innovation Workshop (WIW) will be held 24-26 March at the Naval Postgraduate School as part of "Enrichment Week". The WIW will focus on Unmanned Maritime System (UMS) Life Cycle Costs. The goal of the workshop is to identify O&S cost drivers for UMS based on current and future operations. We have this great new capability and there are a million ways we could use it, but how much will it really cost to own it? The WIW will bring together SME's with UMS experience from various programs with NPS students to broaden perspectives and gather real world insights to support and inform these studies as they progress. The first day the SMEs will make presentations based on their experiences with UUVs. This will provide context, background, and hopefully lessons learned from the design, production, deployment and sustainment of UUVs. In the afternoon of the first day there will be a panel discussion with the SMEs to identify the most important topics to explore in the breakout sessions. The second day the SMEs will lead breakout groups that brainstorm, identify, and document possible cost drivers for UUVs, focusing on operations and support issues. Outputs of the breakout sessions might include descriptions of operation or maintenance scenarios that highlight issues that could be cost drivers and identification of data sources that could be used to verify cost drivers or possibly identify new cost drivers. The breakout groups will present their findings on the third day. At the end of the workshop we should have a list of fairly well defined items that we think are important cost drivers in the operations and maintenance of UUVs along with a plan to test if these drivers really influence sustainment cost. We already have a group of Systems Engineering students who will be doing their capstone project based on the information collected at the workshop and we hope to get other students interested in exploring these issues as part of their thesis.
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2015-03 Warfare Innovation Workshop
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