Sociotechnical systems as applied to knowledge work

dc.contributor.advisorBarrett, Frank
dc.contributor.authorOswald, Ronald G.
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dc.contributor.departmentInformation Technology Management
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dc.contributor.secondreaderSengupta, Kishore
dc.description.abstractThis study examines the logic behind choosing variances and the design of forums during the planning of deliberations in non-routine work environments using a Sociotechnical System design approach. This study was accomplished through review and comparison of literature on sociotechnical applications of non-routine, knowledge work environments. The traditional sociotechnical application applied to factory settings with linear and routine work tasks analyzes unit operations within an open system, identifying technical variances that contribute to problems and social roles that control the variances. A new sociotechnical approach has been developed for systems involved in non-routine, knowledge work environments. This approach focuses on deliberations formed around topics, establishes variances that lead to poor deliberations, designs forums that minimize variances and gives control of variances to discretionary coalitions. These results generally support that variances contributing to poor deliberations are well established and that organizations need only identify the key variances that contribute to problems in their system. Organizations need to understand how the key variances affect the development of knowledge and how forums can be designed to enhance deliberations. This study places specific focus on the design of information technology forums that enhance knowledge developmenten_US
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dc.publisherMonterey, California. Naval Postgraduate Schoolen_US
dc.titleSociotechnical systems as applied to knowledge worken_US
etd.thesisdegree.disciplineInformation Technology Managementen_US
etd.thesisdegree.grantorNaval Postgraduate Schoolen_US
etd.thesisdegree.nameM.S. in Information Technology Managementen_US
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