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Agrawal, Brij
Euler, Ed
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Spring Quater, 1993
Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School
THE PROJECT: This project was completed as part of AE-4871, Advanced Spacecraft Design. The intent of the course is to provide experience in the design of all the major components in a spacecraft system. Team members were given responsibility for the design of one of the six primary subsystems: power, structures, propulsion, attitude control, TT&C, and thermal control. In addition, a single member worked on configuration control, launch vehicle integration, and a spacecraft test plan. Given an eleven week time constraint, a preliminary design of each subsystem was completed. Where possible, possible component selections were also made. Assisted for this project came principally from the Naval Research Laboratory's Spacecraft Technology Branch. Specific information on components was solicited from representatives in industry. The design project centers on a general purpose satellite bus that is currently being sought by the Strategic Defense Initiative. REQUIREMENT:To support low earth orbit experiments, the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) has established the requirement for a general purpose spacecraft bus. The overall goal is to procure a small satellite to which experiments could be "bolted" and then launched and flown inexpensively. A minimal set of strawman requirements were established by SDI and are listed in Table 1.1. These specifications are intentionally broad, allowing the spacecraft design team to select its own best method for engineering the bus. To limit the scope of the project, the NPS team elected to design for only one launch vehicle, the Pegasus, rather than considering all possible LVs. Consequently, while the Scout, Scout derivatives (e.g., the Orbital Express) and larger vehicles may be capable of carrying the bus, building in compatibility for these other rockets was not a factor. Additiona11y, to support low cost procurement, only commercial off the shelf technology was used.
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Design Project for AE 4871
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Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California.
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