Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Acquisition Research Symposium Wednesday Session Volume I. Acquisition Research: Creating Synergy for Informed Change

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Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School
Since inception, over 100 reports and papers have been published, thereby making a significant contribution to the body of literature on the defense acquisition process. Through these research products, ARP sponsors are receiving substantial help with and insights into the pressing business issues of the day. The synergy between faculty research and student classroom instruction has been exceptional with many relevant and current instructional materials emerging from research products, thus enhancing the student educational experience. Faculty are refreshed in defense-relevant subject matter, and students are better prepared to enter the acquisition work force. In recognition of these successes, the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (USD (AT&L)) provided $1M in funding for additional projects. This funding expands the ARP by 30% and is a pilot for future increases in research funding. Researcher opportunities provided by the Chair offer significant benefits to researchers: (1) provision of funding saving researchers marketing time; (2) ties with sponsor POCs thus assuring DOD relevant research; (3) assistance with final formatting, editing and publishing thus relieving researchers from the non-intellectual aspects of their research. Each of these is a substantial benefit but the growing connectivity between researchers and sponsors is paying large dividends to all concerned. While we at the Naval Postgraduate School like to think of our institution as the world's leader in defense acquisition research, we also recognize that, because of our limited size and resources, we are able to study only a few of acquisition's myriad of complex issues and challenges. We know that genuine progress in acquisition research can be achieved and sustained only to the extent that scholars from a broad range of institutions and disciplines are engaged to participate. Once this critical mass of researchers is formed, we may anticipate that acquisition will become a field of its own, with perhaps a variety of acquisition journals, acquisition conferences, and university courses in acquisition management and policy. Such intellectual capacity, we may hope, will before long prevail against acquisition's perennial and often pernicious problems. Accordingly, the year 2006 was especially significant for the NPS Acquisition Research Program in taking major strides toward expanding the program's reach in important ways to other institutions. The number of research institutions participating as collaborators grew to 35 with the formation of a Virtual University Consortium. Most noteworthy was, as mentioned above, our securing sponsorship from USD(AT&L) to fund research proposals selected from a nationwide call, or Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) (copy available at We're truly excited at the prospects of receiving innovative and cutting edge proposals from the top minds around the country. We trust that this new sponsorship will act like good seeds sown in fertile soil, yielding rich fruits of profitable acquisition research for many years to come.
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Fourth Annual Acquisition Research Symposium
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