Includes early NPS documents as well as more recent articles, interviews and writing about NPS history

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Recent Submissions

  • Women's History at NPS 

    Sanders, John (Naval Postgraduate School, 2011);
  • Back Stories from the NPS Welcome Center 

    Sanders, John (Naval Postgraduate School, 2014-09-22);
    The NPS welcome center in Herrmann Hall is now open around the clock. How can you get the most from this history room, especially with humorous stories to share with your guests and friends? The Dudley Knox Library - which ...
  • Battle of Midway 69th Anniversay Memorial Dinner (program) 

    Naval Postgraduate School; Monterey Bay Commandery Naval Order of the United States; Monterey Peninsula Council Navy League of the United States (Naval Postgraduate School, 2011-06-04);
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