The Cebrowski Institute is a hub of innovation for the information revolution in military and security affairs for the US Navy, the US DOD and the nation. The Institute helps generate innovative ideas for information strategy and tactics and supports the information entrepreneurs who champion them in the Navy and DOD. The Institute works with leaders and community networks to bring the new ideas into practice.

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  • Tides@NPS, Making the Connections From Response to Recovery Through Research 

    Miller, Scot; Higgins, Sue (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2017);
    The Cebrowski Institute leads the TIDES projects at NPS in collaboration with TIDES and Dr. Linton Wells II. TIDES is established for the purpose of providing open-source knowledge in order to encourage community and ...
  • Cebrowski Institute Brown Bag Luncheon 

    Guttieri, Karen; Gunderson, Chris (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2007-06-26);
    Karen Guttieri and Chris Gunderson participated in the DARPA workshop on Strategic Collaboration in SSTR/HADR in Arlington, VA and presented the NPS inventory of strategic capacity. The workshop used a team approach to ...
  • STEM Initiatives 

    Cebrowski Institute (2014-03-19);
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