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dc.contributor.advisorBui, Tung
dc.contributor.advisorLiao, Shu S.
dc.contributor.authorDitri, Thomas Allan
dc.descriptionApproved for public release; distribution is unlimiteden_US
dc.description.abstractThe Administrative Sciences (AS) Department of the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) maintains a large amount of plant and minor property to support its vast and varied operations. This property requires accurate record keeping to assure accountability of each item throughout its lifetime, from initial acquisition through disposal. The AS Department implemented a Financial Management Information System (FMIS), through the work of prior NPS students, at the commencement of FY 91. This thesis develops and integrates the Property Management Module into the FMIS to support the management and accountability of the AS Department property. The new expanded version is named FMIS 2.0. An outline covering software maintenance analysis, the Property Management system requirements analysis, and system design methodology is provided. The system was written using dBASE IV, version 1.1 and will transition to operational status from the current FMIS at the beginning of FY 92.en_US
dc.format.extent87 p.;28 cm.en_US
dc.publisherMonterey, California. Naval Postgraduate Schoolen_US
dc.titleUpgrade and enhancement of the A.S. Department Financial Management Information System; development of FMIS Property Management Module.en_US
dc.contributor.corporateNaval Postgraduate School
dc.contributor.schoolNaval Postgraduate School
dc.contributor.departmentInformation Systems
dc.description.serviceLieutenant, United States Navyen_US
etd.thesisdegree.nameM.S. in Information Systemsen_US
etd.thesisdegree.disciplineInformation Systemsen_US
etd.thesisdegree.grantorNaval Postgraduate Schoolen_US

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