The Control and Optimization Laboratories focuses on research involving the development and application of advanced mathematical concepts to solving practical problems arising in the guidance, navigation, control and optimization of various dynamical systems. Our long-term research goals are to develop applicable techniques for the control of complex nonlinear systems.

Recent Submissions

  • Naval Postgraduate School - Cyber Summit 

    Irvine, Cynthia; Garfinkel, Simson; Eagle, Chris; Anderson, David; McEachen, Frank; Kragh, Frank; Stanica, Pantelimon; Canright, David; Buettner, Rau; Bordetsky, Alex; Luscombe, James; Ford, David; Denning, Dorothy; Arquilla, John (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2009-10-29);
  • Tip-loaded Cantilever Beams 

    Brock, John E. (1966-12);
    The author is Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the U. S. Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California, and formerly Director of Engineering Sciences of the Service Bureau Corporation, a subsidiary of IBM. His Ph.D. ...
  • Formal Analysis of Elastically Supported Beam Columns 

    Brock, John E. (1966);
    A method is presented for the systematic analysis of elastically supported beam-columns or tie-bars in which formal notational devices simplify the handling of complicated discontinuous lateral loads. Various relationships ...
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