These spreadsheets were the result of a project requested by the U.S. Partnership for Peace Training and Education Center (PPTEC), from data provided by the Dudley Knox Liaison Librarian for International Programs and the NPS Archive: Calhoun team. They originated as a way to connect NPS alumni in different countries, based on the nature of the thesis work they did while attending NPS.

BACKGROUND: In 2011, PPTEC program Research Associate, Director of Field Operations Ed Lesnowicz approached the Liaison Librarian to see if she could provide his program with a spreadsheet of Theses, MBA Professional Reports, Joint Applied Projects, and Dissertations written by NPS international students during the period from 1995 to (then-present) 2011.

The data required included Author(s), Title, Year, Degree received, Abstract, Service Affiliation, Additional Authors, and URL. This data was collated by the NPS Archive: Calhoun team and sent to PPTEC's Brandon Humphrey, who arranged it into six spreadsheets organized by COCOM, and then by each country, in tabs. PPTEC Program Manager Peter Bertelsen contributed the final versions back to the Dudley Knox Library in 2013.

Note: It was discovered in December 2016 that the final spreadsheets as received from PPTEC contained an error "hidden" under the CLICK feature that reveals the text of abstracts. In some cases, abstract text is replicated for different titles. During review for inclusion in Calhoun, new links to Calhoun records were provided, which can be used to verify accuracy of the abstract texts.

The spreadsheets have been published here as received (except for the updated links). A future project may correct the abstract text error. Use them advisedly.

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