Faculty Showcase articles were created by the NPS Public Affairs Office to highlight the research of Naval Postgraduate School faculty. These articles were originally presented in a part of the NPS "News Center" site called "Faculty Showcase".

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Recent Submissions

  • Muslim internet service providers - cyberterrorist highways 

    Craddock, Douglas (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2003);
    The Internet continues to grow exponentially. It is estimated that over 1 billion people – one-sixth of humanity – will be on-line by 2005, two thirds of them abroad. Along with this increase in net users, has come an ...
  • Landmark Study Reveals Antarctic Glacier's Long History of Retreat 

    Kuska, Dale M. (2016-11-28);
    A major study, released in late November in the journal “Nature,” reveals the history of retreat of the massive Pine Island Glacier (PIG) in western Antarctica, widely considered one of the largest contributors to global ...
  • NPS Operations Research Professor Wins Two Prestigious INFORMS Awards 

    Kuska, Dale M. (2016-12-07);
    Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) Distinguished Professor of Operations Research (OR) Dr. Gerald G. Brown accomplished something no other OR practitioner ever has ... He was awarded both the 2016 INFORMS President’s Award, ...
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