Ongoing Research

The series is intended to convey the preliminary results of our ongoing research. The research described in these papers is preliminary and has not completed the usual review process for Institute publications.

Recent Submissions

  • Efficient probability sequences 

    Regnier, Eva (Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School., 2014-08-18);
    A probability sequence is an ordered set of probability forecasts for the same event. Although single-period probabilistic forecasts and methods for evaluating them have been extensively analyzed, we are not aware of any ...
  • Reducing Risks in Wartime Through Capital-Labor Substitution: Evidence from World War II 

    Rohlfs, Chris; Sullivan, Ryan; Kniesner, Thomas J. (Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School., 2015-08);
    Our research uses data from multiple archival sources to examine substitution among armored (tank-intensive), infantry (troop-intensive), and airborne (also troop-intensive) military units, as well as mid-war reorganizations ...
  • Evaluating the Tradeoffs Between Dollars Spent and Lives Saved 

    Kniesner, Thomas J.; Leeth, John D.; Sullivan, Ryan S. (2013-11-18);
    A fundamental tenant of economics is that actions should be evaluated in terms of benefits and costs, including actions aimed at reducing military or civilian casualties. Safety improvements only expand individual or ...
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