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Recent Submissions

  • Use Emerging Technology for ASW 

    Mills, Walker; Fox, Collin; Philips-Levine, Dylan, Philips-Levine, Trevor (U.S. Naval Institute, 2021-10);
    The Navy needs new and innovative antisubmarine warfare platforms to defend against China's stealthy and potent long-range threat.
  • Fighting From the Ultimate High Ground 

    Polyard, Timothy; Fountain, Adam; Foltermann, Andrew; Latrell, Edwin (U.S. Naval Institute, 2021-09);
    The purpose of this article is to address our dependence on space-enabled capabilities and to outline a way forward for Navy and Marine Corps space planning and integration. Our national and military leaderships recognize ...
  • Maritime Space Operations: The Marine Corps’ role in the space domain 

    Stokes, Nathan; Garcia, Michael; Haden, Frederick; Wilson, Christopher (Marine Corps Association, 2021-09);
    As the character of war changes and the domains in which the Nation fights expand, the requirement for U.S. forces to successfully deter and defeat peer and near-peer level enemies will persist. The CPG and Force Design ...
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