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Recent Submissions

  • Optomizing USMC Assistance in the Philippines Malaysia and Indonesia 

    Borer, Douglas A.; Rice, Ian C. (2015);
    Current US strategic guidance has articulated a strategic rebalance to Asia to recognize future power trajectories in the region. It is a fact that burgeoning great powers (China and India) will continue to rise and directly ...
  • Analysis of Drug Trafficking Organization Behavior 

    Atkinson, Michael; Kress, Moshe; Szechtman, Roberto (2015);
    One of USSOUTHCOM's primary missions is to disrupt the flow of drugs from Central and South America to the United States via the southern approaches. Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) use both maritime and air conveyances ...
  • Life Work Balance in the Context of the Navy 

    Aten, Kathryn; DiRenzo, Marco; Eitelberg, Mark; Smith, Michael; Emanuelsen, Kirk; Lee, Jon (2015);
    The objective of this study is to compare male and female Sailors' understandings, definitions and desires regarding life-work balance and recommend policies and practices to support the balance of work and life roles in ...
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