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Recent Submissions

  • Virtual Accompany kits return to Baghdad: a view from the front lines 

    Thielenhaus, Christopher; Roles, Eric (J.F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, 2017);
    A look at a Virtual Accompany kit. These kits provide a vital common operating picture to commanders throughout the battlefield.
  • Uncloaking the dagger: does adherence to the Geneva Conventions betray Special Operations Forces? 

    Staab, Charles (2016-12-12);
    Bombs, Special Operations Forces (SOF), and proxy forces are growth industries in the modern fight. As President Obama identified in an address covering the nation's strategy in Syria, "airstrikes, Special Forces, and ...
  • SkyRepeater 

    Alperen, Martin J. (2005-08-13);
    A communication method successfully demonstrated using readily available amateur (ham) radio equipment with minor modifications, mounted on a tethered helium-filled balloon or high-lift kite to establish ad hoc two way ...
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