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Recent Submissions

  • The 1972 Typhoon Analog Program (Tyfoon-72) 

    Jarrell, Jerry D.; Wagoner, Richard A. (Environmental Prediction Resarch Faciity, NPS, 1973-01);
    TYFOON, an analog program for the prediction of tropical cyclones in the western North Pacific Ocean, has been in operational use at FWC/JTWC Guam since August 1970. A brief review of TYFOON is presented focussing on its ...
  • Astrobatics: Characterization of Experimental Self-Toss Maneuvers at the Naval Postgraduate School and NASA Ames 

    Choon, Stephen Kwok; Safbom, Conor; Chitwood, Jonathan; Leary, Patrick; Summerlin, James; Watanabe, Daniel; Barlow, Jonathan; Romano, Marcello (AAS, 2020);
    Astrobee is a small, compact vehicle designed to operate onboard the International Space Station and perform tasks related to observation, maintenance, and hosting guest science experiments. ASTROBATICS, is an experiment ...
  • Software Performance Modeling in PC Clusters 

    Baer, Wolfgang; Decato, Steve (Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey CA, 2000-09-01);
    Execution of course grain parallel programs in PC clusters promises super-computer performance in low cost hardware environments. However the overhead associated with data distribution, synchronization, and peripheral ...
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