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  • Become an ISSE Expert 

    SEED Center (Monterey, California; Naval Postgraduate School, 2015);
  • Defense and homeland security applications of multi-agent simulations 

    Lucas, Thomas W.; Martinez, Felix; Roginski, Jonathan W.; Sickinger, Lisa R.; Sanchez, Susan M. (IEEE, 2007);
    Department of Defense and Homeland Security analysts are increasingly using multi-agent simulation (MAS) to examine national security issues. This paper summarizes three MAS national security studies conducted at the Naval ...
  • A user's guide to the brave new world of designing simulation experiments 

    Kleijnen, Jack P.C.; Cioppa, Thomas M.; Sanchez, Susan M.; Lucas, Thomas W. (2005);
    Many simulation practitioners can get more from their analyses by using the statistical theory on design of experiments (DOE) developed specifically for exploring computer models. In this paper, we discuss a toolkit of ...
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