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Recent Submissions

  • Snowflake Home 

    Aerodynamic Decelerator Systems Center (Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School, 2018-10-01);
    This research involving collaboration between NPS and University of Alabama in Huntsville (Huntsville, AL) was funded by the U.S Army Special Operations Command. The main objective of this research was the development of ...
  • Nonlinear Path Following Control of Fully Actuated Marine Vehicles with Parameter Uncertainty 

    Kaminer, I.; Pascoal, A.; Yakimenko, O. (2005);
    The paper addresses the problem of steering a fully actuated marine vehicle along a desired path. The methodology adopted for path following control deals explicitly with vehicle dynamics and plant parameter uncertainty. ...
  • A Direct Method for UAV Guidance and Control, Poster 

    Whidborne, James F.; Cowling, Ian D.; Yakimenko, Oleg A. (2008);
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