The Center for Infrastructure Defense (CID) focuses on the continued operation of critical military and civilian infrastructure in the presence of accident, failure, and attack.

Our team combines the expertise of senior scholars with a highly motivated student body consisting of military officers and government employees from the U.S. and its global partners.

We serve as trusted advisors to the military, government, and private sector. We stand ready to address both long-term and emergent issues related to national and international infrastructure systems.

Recent Submissions

  • Scheduling Coast Guard District Cutters 

    Brown, Gerald G.; Dell, Robert F.; Farmer, Robert A. (1996);
    United States Coast Guard (USCG) districts schedule cutters 180 feet or less in length to weekly statuses (statuses is USCGjargon for assignments) from which they primarily respond to calls for search and rescue, law ...
  • A Defender-Attacker Optimization of Port Radar Surveillance 

    Brown, G. G.; Carlyle, M.; Abdul-Ghaffar, A.; Kline, J. (2011);
    The U.S. Coast Guard, Customs and Border Patrol, Marine Corps, and Navy have deployed several hundred port patrol vessels to protect waterways, U.S. Navy ships and other high-value assets in ports world-wide. Each vessel ...
  • Real-Time, Wide Area Dispatch of MOBIL Tank Trucks 

    Brown, G.G.; Ellis, C.; Ronen, D. (1987);
    Mobil Oil Corporation has adopted a completely integrated, highly automated, real-time computer system for centralized control of distribution to customers in the continental United States of light petroleum products: ...
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