The increasing importance of Energy has been strongly emphasized by leadership at all levels in the executive and legislative branches of government, and specifically by the Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV), the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO), and Fleet and Shore commanders. Issues and problems related to Energy occur at the intersection of multiple disciplines, and their solutions therefore require interdisciplinary knowledge and actions. In response, the Naval Postgraduate School has established the Energy Academic Group (EAG).The EAG will develop and maintain NPS as a Navy Center of Excellence for Energy Graduate Education and Research. The three primary pillars of the EAG are the educational program, research, and outreach.

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  • Arctic Policy: Learning from Current Arctic Strategies 

    DeCocco, Philip (NPS Climate and Security Network, 2020-08);
    This report analyzes the similarities and differences of the military-oriented Arctic strategies for four Arctic states in order to understand common priorities and strengthen future US agencies' documents related to the ...
  • Environmental Security: Toward a Framework for Naval Bases 

    Zimmerman, Emily (NPS Climate and Security Network, 2021);
    Environmental security is a complex term which identifies a nation or region’s stability using an analytical lens to focus on environmental change, human security, and national security. It is used to assess and promote ...
  • Climate Resiliency of Military Installations: Best Practices for Public-Public Partnerships 

    Steagall, Cameron (NPS Climate and Security Network, 2020);
    Challenges will arise over the course of resiliency projects. This research can act as a guide to overcome problems and help Planning Liaison Officers and municipalities build from existing relationships and policy structures ...
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