Recent Submissions

  • Arctic Policy: Learning from Current Arctic Strategies 

    DeCocco, Philip (NPS Climate and Security Network, 2020-08);
    This report analyzes the similarities and differences of the military-oriented Arctic strategies for four Arctic states in order to understand common priorities and strengthen future US agencies' documents related to the ...
  • Environmental Security: Toward a Framework for Naval Bases 

    Zimmerman, Emily (NPS Climate and Security Network, 2021);
    Environmental security is a complex term which identifies a nation or region’s stability using an analytical lens to focus on environmental change, human security, and national security. It is used to assess and promote ...
  • Climate Resiliency of Military Installations: Best Practices for Public-Public Partnerships 

    Steagall, Cameron (NPS Climate and Security Network, 2020);
    Challenges will arise over the course of resiliency projects. This research can act as a guide to overcome problems and help Planning Liaison Officers and municipalities build from existing relationships and policy structures ...
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