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dc.description.abstractThis edition of the BPP Newsletter is the last to be issued under the editorship of Professor Shu Liao. As everyone knows, Shu has held the position of Associate Dean for Research and Stuff. (We added the "and Stuff" last year to recognize the broad contribution that Shu makes to our School.) Shu's term as ADR&S has ended and he has requested not to be reappointed since he's got his sights set on retirement later this year. We'll celebrate Shu's twenty-five year career at NPS when he does retire. At this moment, however, it's appropriate to acknowledge the service Shu has provided to BPP as Associate Dean. Here's his history: Associate Dean for Research, BPP, 2001-March 2003; Associate Chair for Research, Department of Systems Management, 2000; Associate Chair for Systems Development, Department of Systems Management, 1994-1999; Associate Chair for Systems Development, Department of Administrative Sciences, 1990-1993; Associate Chair for Research, Department of Administrative Sciences, 1985-1989. While he established his own reputation as the leading scholar in his field, he mentored other faculty, facilitated research funding opportunities, encouraged and supported faculty research, managed the paperwork to track and report faculty research to NPS, AACSB, and NASPAA. He served as a member of the NPS Research Board. He chaired the BPP Senior Faculty Council and served on numerous Department Evaluation Committees and presented faculty promotion and tenure cases at NPS Promotion Council meetings. He created and edited the BPP Newsletter, he created the BPP website and maintained it until recently, and he facilitated and coordinated the Ingersoll classroom improvements and installation of instructional technology.en_US
dc.publisherMonterey, California: Naval Postgraduate Schoolen_US
dc.titleGraduate School of Business & Public Policy (GSBPP) Newsletter / May 2003en_US
dc.contributor.departmentGraduate School of Business & Public Policy (GSBPP)

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