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  • Framing the Post-2020 Afghan Environment: Thoughts and Recommendations 

    Hoelscher, Eric; Oliveira, Mike; Swintek, Philip; Tran, Thang; Orrie, Rebeca; Lally, Warren; Jantzi, Jennifer; Sider, Joshua; Cicchillo, William; Phillips, Chris; Ratner, Brandon; Kerins, Patrick; Webber, Paul (2018-05-21);
    This research aims to augment the reader’s strategic appreciation for the post-2020 environment in Afghanistan. As such, the authors consider this a “thought piece” versus a policy prescriptive decision briefing or white ...
  • Just Strike: A Defender’s Guide To Preemptive Self-Defense 

    Huntsman, John D. (2018-04);
    What is the role of imminence in preemptive self-defense? Imminence: a necessary requirement for preemption. Preemption: self-defense in the face of imminence—an action that is necessary to avert an unjust and credible ...
  • Can We Predict the Outcome of Asymmetric Wars? 

    el Khoury, Jihad; Lapp, Andres (2018-04);
    In the literature on asymmetric warfare there is a great deal of disagreement caused by the many contradictory theories concerning factors affecting the outcomes of war. In an attempt to resolve the discrepancies among ...
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