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Recent Submissions

  • Evaluation of Strike Group Defender as a training platform 

    McDowell, Perry L. (2016-11); NPS-MV-16-004
    The MOVES Institute at the Naval Postgraduate School performed an evaluation of Strike Group Defender (SGD) at the behest of Office of Naval Research. MOVES personnel applied science of learning principles to SGD to determine ...
  • Investigating a linked open data model for unmanned system research and development portfolio management 

    Blais, Curtis L. (Monterey, California, Naval Postgraduate School, 2016-09); NPS-MV-16-003
    The Office of the Secretary of Defense Joint Ground Robotics Enterprise tasked the Naval Postgraduate School to perform research exploring (1) enhancement of robotics education; (2) improved representation of robotic systems ...
  • Modeling manned and unmanned systems 

    Blais, Curtis L.; McGregor, Don (Naval Postgraduate School, 2016-09); NPS-MV-16-002
    Unmanned systems are being introduced rapidly into operational forces. However, there is little capability in model-ing the performance of manned systems and unmanned systems to distinguish the two, making it impossible, ...
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