A campus community magazine, published 1961-2000.

"THE CLASSMATE is sponsored by the Officer Students' Wives' Club for the purpose of introducing and informing the wives of the interesting people, places to visit and things to do in the Monterey area....”

So ran the 1974 "Reporter Guidelines" for the Naval Postgraduate School’s own all-volunteer, self-published campus community magazine, The Classmate.

But it was much more. From its beginnings, in Kennedy-era 1961, until its final issue at the start of the 21st century, The Classmate devoted itself to bringing a sense of belonging to NPS students, spouses and children -- who may have arrived as newcomers, but would not stay strangers for long.

The Classmate brought people together at NPS. In an era before Facebook (and for most of its existence, before personal computers), it acted as a focal point and connection for shared experiences, shared interests, local information and a sense of belonging for NPS families.

The Dudley Knox honors its tireless volunteers, and hope you enjoy a look at what support for NPS really means – with The Classmate.

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