Graphic Designer Matthew Rose worked for the Naval Postgraduate School from February 2002-November 2011. His work for Institutional Advancement, the SMART Program, MOVES, CISR, an many others helped shape NPS's visual identity for the first time. This collection includes logos (including the main NPS logo of this period), brochures, business packs, movies, presentations, posters, the Centennial Timeline, the CyberCiege video game and many other projects.

A list of his works has been provided by the artist (see

Mr. Rose was interviewed by staff of the Dudley Knox Library on November 22, 2011. This audio file is availabe to hear at

This collection currently includes content through 2005.

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Recent Submissions

  • Command Briefs 

    Rose, Matthew (Naval Postgraduate School, 2006);
  • SFS CD 

    Rose, Matthew (Naval Postgraduate School, 2006);
  • CS Slideshow 

    Rose, Matthew (2005);
    Includes these files: 1.doc; CS_Overview_MR2.ppt; newbuilding.jpg
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