Interactive Media Elements (IMEs) were designed by the Center for Educational Design, Development, and Distribution (CED3) in collaboration with NPS Faculty for use in NPS courses. IMEs can take several forms, including:

• introductions to engage learners at the beginning of a lesson
• interactive tutorials to teach a concept
• interactive exercises to reinforce a lesson
• teaching aids to help students visualize abstract concepts through animated illustrations
• simulations and games

Each IME was custom-made to meet the needs of specific instructional objectives while utilizing educational and cognitive principles to improve student learning.

IME files are available as .zip files. To see the individual files contained in each IME package, consult the full item record. This Information is contained in the dc.format.mimetype metadata element.

IMEs are presented as-is. At the time they were collected and archived, some IMEs lacked subject and abstract content, and a few were submitted to the collection exactly as they were when last used, even if they were not perfected and complete.

Recent Submissions

  • Statement of Cash 

    Troy, Carmelita; Beardslee, Dianna (2004-04-16);
    Interactive Statement of Cash Flows exercise.
  • Solving LP Using Graphs 

    Apte, Aruna; Beardslee, Dianna (2005-12-28);
    Manipulate constraints on a graph to identify the optimal region.
  • Financial Statement Math 

    Troy, Carmelita; Beardslee, Dianna (2007-01-29);
    The purpose of this interactive exercise is to help you understand the math in the income statement and balance sheet., Give the proper mathematical computations in order to correctly prepare the income statement and the ...
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