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Recent Submissions

  • North Korea’s Nuclear Futures: Implications for Peace and Security 

    Wit, Joel S. (US-Korea Institute at SAIS, 2016-06-14);
    Our project was designed to examine the emergence of North Korea as a small nuclear power, a process that has been underway since 2009, if not earlier. When the project was first proposed, North Korea had just conducted ...
  • That’s your evidence?: Classifying Stance in Online Political Debate 

    Walker, Marilyn A.; Anand, Pranav; Abbott, Rob; Fox Tree, Jean E.; Martell, Craig; King, Joseph (Elsevier B.V., 2012);
    A growing body of work has highlighted the challenges of identifying the stance that a speaker holds towards a particular topic, a task that involves identifying a holistic subjective disposition. We examine stance ...
  • A New Trigonometrically-Fitted Method for Second Order Initial Value Problems 

    Neta, Beny; Chun, Changbum (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2020-12); NPS-MA-20-001
    Numerical schemes approximating the solution of ordinary initial value problems interpolate polynomial up to a certain degree. Brock and Murray have suggested in 1952 to interpolate exponential functions when the solution ...
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