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Recent Submissions

  • The Arctic as a Test Case for an Assessment of Climate Impacts on National Security 

    Boslough, Mark; Ivey, Mark; Taylor, Mark; Zak, Bernard; Backus, George (Sandia National Laboratories, 2008-11);
    The Arctic region is rapidly changing in a way that will affect the rest of the world. Parts of Alaska, western Canada, and Siberia are currently warming at twice the global rate. This warming trend is accelerating permafrost ...
  • Range and primary habitats of Hawaiian insular false killer whales: informing determination of critical habitat 

    Baird, Robin W.; Hanson, M. Bradley; Schorr, Gregory S.; Webster, Daniel L.; McSweeney, Daniel J.; Gorgone, Antoinette M.; Mahaffy, Sabre D.; Holzer, Damon M.; Oleson, Erin M.; Andrews, Russel D. (2012);
    For species listed under the US Endangered Species Act, federal agencies must designate 'critical habitat', areas containing features essential to conservation and/or that may require special management considerations. In ...
  • Long-range underwater vocalizations of the crabeater seal (Lobodon carcinophaga) 

    Klinck, Holger; Mellinger, David K.; Klinck, Karolin; Hager, Julia; Kindermann, Lars; Boebel, Olaf (2010);
    This study provides a comprehensive description of the acoustic characteristics of the predominant long-range underwater vocalizations of the crabeater seal, Lobodon carcinophaga, derived from stationary and continuous ...
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