The Civilian Institutions (CIVINS) Office executes the Navy's mission by supporting selected active-duty Navy at full-time residency graduate degree programs at accredited institutions within the US. The documents here were submitted as degree-earning final works by students attending other institutions under the CIVINS program.

For additional information, please refer to OPNAVINST 1520.23C which provides guidance on the Navy's graduate education programs.

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Recent Submissions

  • Airfield Maintenance & Repair: A Decision-Maker's Guide 

    Hawn, Erik J. (University of Washington, 2003-06-07);
    Pavement is simple enough: groom some dirt, put down a layer or two of concrete or asphalt and open for traffic. The deceptive simplicity of airfield pavement is filled with a plethora of latent complexities - challenges ...
  • The Chinese Petroleum Industry : Global Implications 

    Lemon, Andrea L. (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate SchoolUniversity of Kansas, 2004-05);
    The Chinese oil industry was relatively unknown to most westerners, veiled behind the bamboo curtain, until the early 1990's when nationalized Chinese petroleum companies started selling off stock in their companies to ...
  • Forecasting the nighttime evolution of radio wave ducting in complex terrain using the MM5 numerical weather model 

    Kucas, Matthew Evan (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate SchoolState College, Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania State University, 2003-08);
    This study tests the effectiveness of using mesoscale models to forecast operationally those atmospheric conditions that cause anomalous propagation of radio waves. Providing early warning about where and when such ...
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