NPS Centers offer research and education programs in highly-focused areas of study. Often led by teams of interdisciplinary faculty members, the university's Centers explore a variety of academic disciplines, ranging from civil-military relations to spacecraft research and design.

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  • Effectiveness of Training Systems that Employ Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Touchscreen Displays 

    MOVES (Naval Postgraduate School, 2020-05-27);
    The project includes a set of research activities aimed at developing a comprehensive approach that will provide stakeholders with necessary guidance and criteria to select the optimal solution for teaching of operations ...
  • Swarm Commander Tactics 

    MOVES (Naval Postgraduate School, 2018);
  • CHUNK Learning 

    MOVES (Naval Postgraduate School, 2018-07);
    Curated Heuristic Using a Network of Knowledge, A custom-built website used to provide students educational material, based on the student's capabilities, learning styles, and problem-solving abilities.
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