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dc.descriptionVOLUME 1 — PUBLISHED WORKS. This compilation of previously published works provides written testaments to the value of NPS. Each work begins with a one-page Executive Summary highlighting key points within the article. The full text of each document follows.en_US
dc.descriptionVOLUME 2 — ALUMNI and FRIENDS. This volume presents those honored individuals who are current members of the NPS Hall of Fame, and our Distinguished Alumni. Each of these leaders is represented by a biography and a few select published articles giving context to their contributions to the defense establishment. This volume also contains several direct quotations from key leaders throughout the world, offering their own testament to NPS’ worth.en_US
dc.descriptionVOLUME 3 — BENCHMARKING and ANALYSES. In this volume are gathered together all the data collection and analyses in which NPS compares itself against a set of peer institutions. Comprising such topics as faculty salaries, staffing, graduation rates and more, these reports are updated each year.en_US
dc.descriptionVOLUME 4 — SURVEYS. NPS regularly conducts surveys of graduating students and alumni. Additionally, ad hoc surveys for specific purposes are administered. This volume presents all the reports, with annual and historical trends, which have been completed using survey data.en_US
dc.description.abstractIn early 2011, [NPS President Daniel T. Oliver] asked CDR Doug Burton to form the Question-Team, or Q-Team, to study the intricacies of determining value for an institution such as NPS. The charter of this team was to “produce research questions about the value of NPS” while considering “all relevant perspectives.”en_US
dc.publisherMonterey, California: Naval Postgraduate Schoolen_US
dc.subjectNaval Postgraduate Schoolen_US
dc.subjectPublished Worksen_US
dc.subjectAlumni and Friendsen_US
dc.subjectBenchmarking and Analysesen_US
dc.titleNPS Value Book: A Strategic Valued Investmenten_US

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