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  • Status of Generation-IV Lead Fast Reactor Activities 

    Alemberti, A.; Tuček, K.; Obara, T.; Moiseev, A.; Tocheny, L.; Hwang, I.S.; Smith, C.; Wu, Y.; Zhou, T. (2019);
    Since 2012 the Lead-cooled Fast Reactor provisional System Steering Committee (LFR-pSSC) of the Generation IV International Forum (GIF) has developed a number of top level strategic activities with the aim to assist and ...
  • Networks of Cooperation: Rebel Alliances in Fragmented Civil Wars 

    Gade, Emily Kalah; Gabbay, Michael; Hafez, Mohammed M.; Kelly, Zane (Sage, 2019);
    When rebels make alliances, what informs their choice of allies? Civil wars are rarely simple contests between rebels and incumbent regimes. Rather, rival militant networks provide the context in which these fragmented ...
  • Visual Examples of Various Structural Failure Modes 

    Lawson, Don (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 1997);
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