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  • Why would Putin invade Ukraine? 

    Matovski, Aleksandar (WP Company, 2022-01-16);
    The looming threat of a full-scale Russian attack on Ukraine kept the world on edge for much of 2021, and for good reason — an attack of this magnitude would arguably be the most significant invasion of a European country ...
  • It’s the Stability, Stupid! How the Quest to Restore Order After the Soviet Collapse Shaped Russian Popular Opinion 

    Matovski, Aleksandar (Ingenta, 2018);
    This article argues that despite the chaos and uncertainty of the post-Soviet period, Russian political outlooks were highly coherent because they were driven by a near consensual desire to achieve greater stability. Based ...
  • Creation Authoring Point Tool Utility to Recreate Equipment 

    Greunke, Larry Clay; Bilinski, Mark; Angelopoulos, Christopher James; Guerrero, Michael Joseph (The United States of America, as represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Washington, DC (US), 2021-07-13);
    The invention relates to creating actual object data for mixed reality applications. In some embodiments, the invention includes using a mixed reality controller to (1) define a coordinate system frame of reference for ...
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