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NPS Archive: Calhoun
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  • Jeffrey E. Kline Interview (MORS) 

    Kline, Jeffrey E. (Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School., 2018-10-15);
    Oral Histories represent the recollections and opinions of the person interviewed, and not the official position of MORS. Omissions and errors in fact are corrected when possible, but every effort is made to present the ...
  • Build a Green-Water Fleet 

    Hughes, Wayne P. (2018-06);
    The Navy needs small, lethal, fast, green-water ships and submarines to take the fight to the enemy in the littorals. The Mark VI patrol boat (top) and this HOSS X-1 concept submarine (designed by and copyright J. Scott ...
  • Strong scaling for numerical weather prediction at petascale with the atmospheric model NUMA 

    Müller, Andreas; Kopera, Michal A.; Marras, Simone; Wilcox, Lucas C.; Issac, Tobin; Giraldo, Francis X. (SAGE, 2019);
    Numerical weather prediction (NWP) has proven to be computationally challenging due to its inherent multiscale nature. Currently, the highest resolution global NWP models use a horizontal resolution of 9 km. At this ...
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