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  • Lifelong Student-Centered Learning: A PME Paradigm for Honing our Intellectual Edge 

    Augier, Mie; Barrett, Sean F.X.; Mullen, William F. (Center for International Maritime Security (CIMSEC), 2021-09-16);
  • Editorial: ONR special issue on multiscale problems of marine composites 

    Rajapakse, Yapa; Kwon, Young W. (Springer, 2018-10-26);
    Usage of composite materials has increased gradually for marine structural applications which are subjected to unique environmental conditions such as fluid–structure interactions, moisture and seawater effects, and biofouling.
  • Editorial 

    Kwon, Young W. (Springer, 2017-10-04);
    This new journal focuses on multiscale aspects of the material such as the interface and coupling of the different length/time scales of materials with emphasis on prediction and bet ter understanding of the characteristics ...
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