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  • Impurity control of tokamaks with in situ metal deposition 

    Taylor, R.J.; Bunshah, R.F.; Schwirzke, F. (North-Holland Publishing Company, 1980);
    Metal coatings of titanium and chromium of different thickness were deposited in situ in microtor and macrotor tokamaks and tested for impurity control. To improve the microstructure of the metal deposit, Ti and Cr were ...
  • The Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate (MOSAIC) Atmosphere Science Plan 

    Shupe, M.; Boer, G de; Dethloff, K.; Hunke, E.; Maslowski, W.; McComiskey, A.; Perrson, O.; Randall, D.; Tjernstrom, M.; Turner, D.; Verlinde, J. (Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM), 2018-02);
  • Quality control for community-based sea-ice model development 

    Roberts, Andrew F.; Hunke, Elizabeth C.; Allard, Richard; Bailey, David A.; Craig, Anthony P.; Lemieux, Jean-François; Turner, Matthew D. (Royal Society, 2018);
    A new collaborative organization for sea-ice model development, the CICE Consortium, has devised quality control procedures to maintain the integrity of its numerical codes' physical representations, enabling broad ...
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