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  • Optimizing training event schedules at Naval Air Station Fallon 

    Slye, Robert J. (Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School, 2018-03);
    Naval Air Station (NAS) Fallon, located in Northwestern Nevada, is best known for one of its resident training schools, the United States Navy Fighter Weapons School, popularly known as Topgun. Fallon training range airspace ...
  • The identification of gender bias in the U.S. military 

    Siwek, Luke T.; Wolf, Brandon K. (Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School, 2018-03);
    Although females represent almost half of the U.S. civilian labor force, they account for less than 15 percent of the officers in the U.S. military. To account for this discrepancy, this thesis tests for gender bias within ...
  • A noise-masking physical layer security method for multiple-input, multiple-output digital communication systems 

    Sellin, Robert C. (Monterey, California: Naval Postgraduate School, 2018-03);
    In this thesis, we develop a method of using a noise-masking system to increase the security in a multiple-input, multiple-output communication system by using known channel-state information to calculate a specific masking ...
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