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NPS Archive: Calhoun
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  • Triceps brachii insertional footprint: Under-estimated complexity 

    Kamineni, Srinath; Pooley, Joseph; Bachoura, Abdo; Yoshida, Ruriko; Cummings, Jason (Sage, 2022);
    Background: The detailed complexity of triceps brachii insertional footprint continues to challenge surgeons as evidenced by continued reports of triceps-associated complications following elbow procedures. The purpose ...
  • Tropical neural networks and its applications to classifying phylogenetic trees 

    Yoshida, Ruriko; Aliatimis, Georgios; Miura, Keiji (ArXiv, 2023-09-26);
    Deep neural networks show great success when input vectors are in an Euclidean space. However, those classical neural networks show a poor performance when inputs are phylogenetic trees, which can be written as vectors ...
  • The rise of the autocratic nuclear marketplace 

    Miller, Nicholas L.; Volpe, Tristan A. (Taylor & Francis Group, 2022);
    The United States established itself as the dominant supplier of civil nuclear technology in the 1960s. But Moscow soon caught up, supplanting Washington after the Cold War. What led to the rise of this autocratic ...
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