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The NPS Faculty and Researcher Publications Collection is for published and unpublished material created by the Naval Postgraduate School's afflilates and partners in Schools, Departments, Institutes and Centers. This collection includes conference papers, pre-prints presentations, peer-reviewed articles, and other research-related documents.

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Recent Submissions

  • Monotonic Phinomial Coefficients 

    Luca, Florian; Stănică, Pantelimon (Australian Mathematical Publishing Association Inc., 2017-01-09);
    We investigate the monotonic characteristics of the generalised binomial coe cients (phinomials) based upon Euler’s totient function. We show, unconditionally, that the set of integers for which this sequence is unimodal ...
  • Anomalous propagation conditions over eastern Pacific Ocean derived from MAGIC data 

    Alappattu, Denny P.; Wang, Qing; Kalogiros, John (2016-10);
    This study characterizes the evaporation and elevated ducts, the most common types of ducts observed over the ocean, along a track of around 4000 km between the California coast and Hawaii. We analyzed 1 year (2012–2013) ...
  • A Navier-Stokes analysis of the stall flutter characteristics of the Buffum cascade 

    Weber, Stefan; Platzer, Max F. (ASME, 2000);
    Numerical stall flutter prediction methods are much needed, as modern jet engines require blade designs close to the stability boundaries of the performance map. A Quasi-3D Navier–Stokes code is used to analyze the flow ...
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