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  • Modeling the dynamics of software project management 

    Abdel-Hamid, Tarek K.; Madnick, Stuart E. (MIT, 1988-02);
    The development of software systems has been marked by cost overruns, late deliveries, poor reliability, and users' dissatisfaction. The problems persist in spite of significant , advances in the software engineering field ...
  • On the portability of quantitative software estimation models 

    Abdel-Hamid, Tarek K.; Madnick, Stuart E. (MIT, 1988-01);
    Evidence in the literature indicates that the portability of currently available quantitative software estimation models is poor. A primary reason is that most models fail to account for managerial characteristics of the ...
  • The elusive silver lining: how we fail to learn from failure in software development 

    Abdel-Hamid, Tarek K.; Madnick, Stuart E. (MIT, 1990-05-31);
    As modern organizations struggle with increasing complexity and difficult challenges, we argue that every experience — win, lose, or draw -- - is a valuable organizational asset that must be fully exploited. First, this ...
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