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NPS Archive: Calhoun
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  • U.S. Marine Corps Rapid Planning and Logistics Routing Against Uncertainty 

    Marler, Kenneth; Yoshida, Ruriko; Vogiatzis, Chrysafis (NAVAL ENGINEERS JOURNAL, 2023-03);
    Emerging threats have focused U.S. Navy operating concepts on agile, distributed tactical forces in the littoral and maritime zones. Given the nature of a threat and its location, medical evacuation via air may be ...
  • Tropical Geometric Tools for Machine Learning: the TML package 

    Barnhill, David; Yoshida, Ruriko; Aliatimis, Georgios; Miura, Keiji (2023);
    In the last decade, developments in tropical geometry have provided a number of uses directly applicable to problems in statistical learning. The TML package is the first R package which contains a comprehensive set of ...
  • Triceps brachii insertional footprint: Under-estimated complexity 

    Kamineni, Srinath; Pooley, Joseph; Bachoura, Abdo; Yoshida, Ruriko; Cummings, Jason (Sage, 2022);
    Background: The detailed complexity of triceps brachii insertional footprint continues to challenge surgeons as evidenced by continued reports of triceps-associated complications following elbow procedures. The purpose ...
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