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NPS Archive: Calhoun
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  • Energy Release and Fragmentation of Brittle Aluminum Reactive Material Cases 

    Kline, Jacob C.; Mason, Brian P.; Hooper, Joseph P. (Wiley, 2021);
    Cylindrical reactive material cases produced by the consolidation of an aluminum powder were tested via explosive launch in a closed chamber. One configuration measured the quasistatic overpressure generated by the case ...
  • The Lightly Manned Autonomous Combat Capability (LMACC) 

    Mun, Johnathan; Gallup, Shelley (2020-06);
    As technology continues to move forward and a continued emphasis is placed on construction of large ships and submarines, there is another possibility. That is to construct a third tier of small combatants that project ...
  • Electrical behavior of CNT epoxy composites under in-situ simulated space environments 

    Earp, Brian; Hubbard, Joel; Tracy, Alexander; Sakoda, Dan; Luhrs, Claudia (Elsevier, 2021-04-27);
    The properties of CNT composites are known to suffer changes when exposed to space conditions or simulated space environments. A more in-depth understanding of the magnitude of those changes could help improve the design ...
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