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NPS Archive: Calhoun
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  • The Aerodynamic Roughness of Different Types of Sea Ice 

    Guest, Peter S.; Davidson, Kenneth L. (1991-03);
    The aerodynamic roughness for all major types of sea ice is specified on the basis of surface layer measurements from ship and ice floe platforms. Median neutral surface drag coefficients, Cdn×1000, for grease and nilas ...
  • The Arctic Snow and Air Temperature Budget Over Sea Ice During Winter 

    Overland, James E.; Guest, Peter S. (1991);
    Arctic cooling through the fall‐winter transition is calculated from a coupled atmosphere‐sea ice thermal model and compared to temperature soundings and surface measurements made north of Svalbard during the Coordinated ...
  • Geostrophic Drag Coefficients over Sea Ice 

    Overland, James E.; Davidson, Kenneth L. (1992);
    The geostrophic drag coefficient, Cg = u*/G, and turning angle, α were measured October through November 1988 from a 120 km array of 6 drifting buoys and a drifting ship in the northern Barents Sea/Arctic Ocean during ...
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