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  • Human posture recognition for intelligent vehicles 

    Wachs, Juan P.; Kölsch, Mathias; Goshorn, Deborah (Springer, 2010);
    Pedestrian detection systems are finding their way into many modern ‘‘intelligent’’ vehicles. The body posture could reveal further insight about the pedestrian’s intent and her awareness of the oncoming car. This ...
  • Variable Resolution Search with Quadrotors: Theory and Practice 

    Carpin, Stefano; Burch, Derek; Basilico, Nicola; Chung, Timothy H.; Kölsch, Mathias (Wiley, 2013-05);
    This paper presents a variable resolution framework for autonomously searching stationary targets in a bounded area. Theoretical formulations are also described for using a probabilistic quadtree data structure, which ...
  • Smart instrumented training ranges: bringing automated system solutions to support critical domain needs 

    Sadagic, Amela; Kölsch, Mathias; Welch, Greg; Basu, Chumki; Darken, Chris; Wachs, Juan P.; Fuchs, Henry; Towles, Herman; Rowe, Neil; Frahm, Jan-Michael; Guan, Li; Kumar, Rakesh; Cheng, Hui (SAGE, 2013);
    The training objective for urban warfare includes acquisition and perfection of a set of diverse skills in support of kinetic and non-kinetic operations. The US Marines (USMC) employ long-duration acted scenarios with ...
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