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Calhoun is the Naval Postgraduate School's digital repository for research materials and institutional publications created by the NPS community. Materials in Calhoun are openly accessible to anyone on the web, and will be preserved for future generations. Calhoun is named for Professor of Mathematics Guy K. Calhoun, NPS’s first appointed -- and published -- scholarly author.

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  • U.S. Marine Corps Rapid Planning and Logistics Routing Against Uncertainty 

    Marler, Kenneth; Yoshida, Ruriko; Vogiatzis, Chrysafis (NAVAL ENGINEERS JOURNAL, 2023-03);
    Emerging threats have focused U.S. Navy operating concepts on agile, distributed tactical forces in the littoral and maritime zones. Given the nature of a threat and its location, medical evacuation via air may be ...
  • Tropical Geometric Tools for Machine Learning: the TML package 

    Barnhill, David; Yoshida, Ruriko; Aliatimis, Georgios; Miura, Keiji (2023);
    In the last decade, developments in tropical geometry have provided a number of uses directly applicable to problems in statistical learning. The TML package is the first R package which contains a comprehensive set of ...
  • Triceps brachii insertional footprint: Under-estimated complexity 

    Kamineni, Srinath; Pooley, Joseph; Bachoura, Abdo; Yoshida, Ruriko; Cummings, Jason (Sage, 2022);
    Background: The detailed complexity of triceps brachii insertional footprint continues to challenge surgeons as evidenced by continued reports of triceps-associated complications following elbow procedures. The purpose ...
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