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Calhoun is the Naval Postgraduate School's digital repository for research materials and institutional publications created by the NPS community. Materials in Calhoun are openly accessible to anyone on the web, and will be preserved for future generations. Calhoun is named for Professor of Mathematics Guy K. Calhoun, NPS’s first appointed -- and published -- scholarly author.

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  • Effects of Simulated Shift Schedules on Visual Search 

    Hudson, Amanda; Hinson, John; Whitney, Paul; Crooks, Elena; Shattuck, Nita; Matsangas, Panagiotis; Van Dongen, Hans; Honn, Kimberly (Oxford University Press, 2021);
    Visual search is important in many operational tasks, such as passive sonar monitoring in naval operations. Shift work can contribute to fatigue and task performance impairment; in par- ticular, backward rotating shift ...
  • A Method of Calculation of the Critical Energy for Direct Initiation of Unconfined Detonation 

    Eidelman, Shmuel (Gordon and Breach Science Publishers, 1983);
    A simple method is developed which allows the calculation of the minimum energy of direct initiation of unconfined detonations with cylindrical and spherical symmetry. The method uses the detonability limit data for planar ...
  • Press Conference Cyber Defense Exercise 

    Sanders, John (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2002-04-22);
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