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  • The Effects of Climate Change on Homeland Security) [video] 

    Larranaga, Michael; Comiskey, John (2019-05);
    In this NPS-CHDS Viewpoints, CHDS alumni Dr. Michael Larranaga and Dr. John Comiskey discuss the results of their examination of the potential threats that climate change could have on the nation’s homeland security and ...
  • Space Security: What are the Threats? [video] 

    Harrison, Todd (2019-09);
    Video presentation at the 2019 APEX workshop (Alumni Professional Exchange). Todd Harrison, Senior Fellow and Director of the aerospace Security Project, center for Strategic and International studies (CSIS) In this ...
  • Social Identity Theory and Intergroup Conflict in Israel/Palestine [video] 

    Center for Homeland Defense and Security, Naval Postgraduate School (2019-05);
    Intergroup dynamics have been a central vector in long-lasting identity conflicts around the globe. In Israel/Palestine, the conflict has not been reduced to the same level of sustained peace as it has in other countries. ...
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