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Recent Submissions

  • Blockchain Mergence and Reconditioning Blockchain to Enable Global Supply Chain Assurance 

    Hale, Britta; Brutzman, Don; Culbert, Jonathan; Norbraten, Terry (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2020-11); NPS-CS-21-001
    Distributed ledger technology such as blockchain could ideally be used to solve challenges in global supply chain assurance. In blockchain, consensus is achieved among active concurrent participants. The chain is, by design, ...
  • Identifying Anomalous Network Flow Activity Using Cloud-Based Honeypots 

    Rowe, Neil C.; Nguyen, Thuy D.; Dougherty, Jeffrey T. (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2020-10); NPS-CS-20-003
    This work addressed efficient and effective implementation of honeypots (decoy devices) in cloud services. Honeypots are essential tools for detecting new attacks on computers and networks, and cloud services are distributed ...
  • Machine Learning for Analysis of Naval Aviator Training 

    Rowe, Neil C.; Das, Arijit (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2020-10); NPS-CS-20-002
    This project investigated patterns in the training data of Navy aviators in an attempt to predict their success in training. With the help of the sponsor, we assembled a database from many sources of training data. This ...
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