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Recent Submissions

  • Network forensics lessons for industrial control systems 

    Nguyen, Thuy D. (2016-12); NPS-CS-16-004
    Network security monitoring is an important element in incident response and forensics investigation. Most forensic investigators are trained to recognize abusive network behavior in conventional information systems, but ...
  • Towards optimal orchestration of network control functions: an evolutionary approach 

    Bairley, Alan; Xie, Geoffrey; Carlyle, Matthew (2016-06-09); NPS-CS-16-002
    Software-defined network (SDN) orchestration, the problem of integrating and deploying multiple network control functions (NCFs) while minimizing suboptimal network states that can result from competing NCF objectives, ...
  • A Hidden Markov Model based Runtime Monitoring tool 

    Drusinsky, Doron (Monterey, California. Naval Postgraduate School, 2016-01); NPS-CS-16-001
    Runtime Monitoring (RM), also known as Runtime Verification (RV), is the process of monitoring and verifying the sequencing and temporal behavior of an underlying application and comparing it to the correct behavior as ...
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