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  • Mixed H2H∞ control for discrete-time systems via convex optimization 

    Kaminer, Isaac; Khargonekar, Pramod P.; Rotea, Mario A. (1993);
    A mixed Mixed H2H∞ control problem for discrete-time systems is considered, where an upper bound on the H2 norm of a closed loop transfer matrix is minimized subject to an H∞ constraint on another closed loop transfer ...
  • Path Control of Surface Ships Using Sliding Modes 

    Papoulias, F. A.; Healey, A. J. (1992);
    The surface ship path control problem is formulated as a nonlinear state space control problem subject to disturbances modeling errors, and parameter uncertainty. A "destroyer study" ship using a nonlinear maneuvering ~odel ...
  • Huygens-Fresnel wave-optics simulation of atmospheric optical turbulence and reflective speckle in CO2 differential absorption LIDAR (DIAL) 

    Nelson, Douglas H.; Petrin, Roger R.; MacKerrow, Edward P.; Schmitt, Mark J.; Foy, Bernard R.; Koskelo, Aaron C.; McVey, Brian D.; Quick, Charles R.; Porch, William M.; Tiee, Joe J.; Fite, Charles B.; Archuleta, Frank A.; Whitehead, Michael C.; Walters, Donald L. (Los Alamos, New Mexico. Los Alamos National Laboratory, 1999-03);
    The measurement sensitivity of C02 differential absorption lidar (DIAL) can be affected by a number of different processes. We have previously developed a Huygens-Fresnel wave optics propagation code to simulate the ...
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