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  • Does the monitoring role of buyout houses improve discretionary accruals quality? 

    Wang, Chong (AFAANZ, 2010);
    Using a sample of reverse leveraged buyout (‘reverse-LBO’) firms, I find that discretionary accruals quality (AQ), the quality of accruals that are subject to management discretion, significantly improves from pre-LBO to ...
  • Contemporaneous verification of language: evidence from management earnings forecasts 

    Baginski, Stephen; Demers, Elizabeth; Wang, Chong; Yu, Julia (2015-11-30);
    Research documents that linguistic tone is incrementally informative about stock returns. What remains a puzzle is the mechanism by which investors can assess its credibility. We examine whether contemporaneous information ...
  • Automorphisms and weighted values 

    Carreras, Francesc; Owen, Guillermo (Physica-Verlag, 1997);
    The notion of automorphism is an essential tool to capture the meaning of any mathematical structure. We apply this idea to cooperative games and obtain two interesting characterizations of the automorphisms of such a game: ...
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