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Recent Submissions

  • The common occurrence of highly supercooled drizzle and rain near the coastal regions of the western United States 

    Rosenfeld, Daniel; Chemke, Rei; DeMott, Paul; Sullivan, Ryan C.; Rasmussen, Roy; McDonough, Frank; Comstock, Jennifer; Schmid, Beat; Tomlinson, Jason; Jonsson, Haflidi; Suski, Kaitlyn; Cazorla, Alberto; Prather, Kimberly (American Geophysical Union, 2013);
    Highly supercooled rain and drizzle from cloud tops at 12 to 21 C down to the 0 isotherm was documented by aircraft observations in clouds over a wide range of meteorological situations under relatively pristine marine ...
  • Social network analysis of German foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq 

    Reynolds, Sean C.; Hafez, Mohammed M. (Routledge Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, 2017);
    Why do Westerners become foreign fighters in civil conflicts? We explore this question through original data collection on German foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq, and test three sets of hypotheses that revolve around ...
  • An instrument for measuring size-resolved aerosol hygroscopicity at both sub- and super-micron sizes 

    Hegg, Dean A.; Covert, David S.; Jonsson, Haflidi; Covert, Paul A. (American Association for Aerosol Research, 2007);
    A new instrument to measure the size-resolved hygroscopic growth of both sub- and super-micron atmospheric aerosol is described. It consists of two white-light optical particle counters measuring the same sample aerosol ...
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