NATO began designating Partnership for Peace (PfP) Training and Education Centers in 1999 as a result of its 50th Anniversary Summit and part of its Training and Education Enhancement Program, determining that a “network of national facilities – made available to all PfP countries – should emerge as part of a collaborative approach to training and education.”

In October 2004, the U.S. Secretary of State designated the Naval Postgraduate School as the United States’ contribution to NATO’s Partnership for Peace Training and Education Center (PTC) program. The Naval Postgraduate School is the only PTC in the United States, and as the USPTC, also represents the U.S. contribution to NATO’s Education for Reform Initiative and Defense Institution Building efforts.

The USPTC serves as the diplomatic face of the Naval Postgraduate School with a primary mission of conflict prevention. The USPTC achieves this through the development of long-term strategic, partnership capacity building programs that meet the objectives of key stakeholders, the U.S. Department of Defense, and the U.S. Department of State.

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